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Revision Author Date Message Commit Date
1465476 v3.1.0 release 15 June 2009, 22:11:37 UTC
bcaed6d v3.1 maintainence branch 15 June 2009, 22:11:01 UTC
f038904 Update ChangeLog to r15180 15 June 2009, 18:21:41 UTC
9a9cbd3 Added COND_GGRD flags; removed redundant LIBS 10 June 2009, 20:42:43 UTC
c5915dc Checking malloc.h earlier to initialize even when not using pyre 10 June 2009, 20:41:31 UTC
055dd50 checking netcdf header and library 10 June 2009, 17:49:35 UTC
aa8a0ac Append GMTHOME/lib to LD path 10 June 2009, 04:11:35 UTC
55d0112 Adding ggrd compilation support 09 June 2009, 23:47:35 UTC
03dafa6 One more feature and mention where to find the features in the cookbooks. 08 June 2009, 21:03:32 UTC
234f0ef Added a safe guard 08 June 2009, 18:11:24 UTC
ba6a738 Reordering parameter 04 June 2009, 21:04:33 UTC
bc9a15c Update SVTInlet to inherit from BaseSVTInlet 03 June 2009, 21:08:01 UTC
56e2c06 adding files to makefile 03 June 2009, 21:07:04 UTC
b3dfd01 update to current coupler 02 June 2009, 22:58:45 UTC
7fd3100 reducing the accuracy of solvers, otherwise, they will converge to the wrong result 02 June 2009, 22:58:24 UTC
748c305 Added parameters 'amending_outflow' and 'exchange_pressure' to help the convergence of esolver When 'amending_outflow' is set to true, the imposed velocity BC will be amended slightly to be divergence-free. (The divergence, e.g. outflow, is caused by the combination of solver inaccuracy and interpolation inaccuracy.) When 'exchange_pressure' is set to true, the initial pressure (at element level) of the embedded solver is taken from the pressure solution of the containing solver. 02 June 2009, 22:56:46 UTC
179463a Boundary for global mesh, not sure whether it works with interpolator or not 02 June 2009, 22:09:25 UTC
2ef0c3d init'd E->output.seismic and E->output.coord_bin 02 June 2009, 21:58:40 UTC
101123f refining cookbook10 02 June 2009, 21:58:23 UTC
e1af994 CUDA-ized e_assemble_del2_u(), and ran it successfully -- and slowly! -- under the device emulator. Added a new 'configure' option: "--with-cuda". 28 May 2009, 01:50:40 UTC
500e3f5 Parallelized strip_bcs_from_residual(). 27 May 2009, 02:32:03 UTC
511d3f3 Sketched data-parallel version of e_assemble_del2_u(). 27 May 2009, 01:28:55 UTC
060b73c Added blob_bc_persist parameter (default = off) to allow assigning blob-like temperature anomalies to BCs. 26 May 2009, 15:21:42 UTC
5a6accf Fixed typo in blob temperature assignment. Changed conversion of coordinates, now assignment works. 26 May 2009, 15:03:36 UTC
accc9b4 add changes in r14999 21 May 2009, 23:16:27 UTC
f99c960 ignoring the degree-0 and degree-1 components of geoid 15 May 2009, 22:32:48 UTC
1670e55 add more chaanges in v3.1.0 10 May 2009, 23:18:05 UTC
a622619 Change version number for v3.1.0 alpha release 10 May 2009, 16:37:31 UTC
658d80a Summary of changes in this release 10 May 2009, 16:35:07 UTC
573f5d0 Adding cookbook for synthetic seismogram, mostly copied from cookbook7 01 May 2009, 22:19:35 UTC
7a399ef Depth is measured from r=1.0, not outer radius, because in coupled model, the outer radius can be < 1.0. 01 May 2009, 22:18:00 UTC
c9c08bb Printing a big warning when plate velocity is imposed but remove_angular_momentum or remove_rigid_rotation is on. 01 May 2009, 22:17:27 UTC
24392fd Removing angular momentum in pseudo free surface case 01 May 2009, 22:15:05 UTC
5ab9dda ignore anything after ';' 01 May 2009, 22:14:29 UTC
b215c86 explicitly add Python.h to requirement 01 May 2009, 22:13:26 UTC
05da830 For my own sanity, simplified code assuming the following: E->sphere.caps_per_proc == 1 E->parallel.nproc == 1 E->mesh.levmax == 0 E->mesh.nsd == 3 28 April 2009, 22:53:38 UTC
2064543 Moved malloc/free calls outside of kernel. (The amount of memory allocated appears to be invariant.) 27 April 2009, 20:15:10 UTC
fa871b7 Consolidated calls to malloc/free. 27 April 2009, 18:39:15 UTC
2d995dd Added flag to allow using the more precise method of computing strain-rates throughout the globe, and not just close to the poles. precise_strain_rate=on will select this, default is "odd", i.e. poles only as before. 24 April 2009, 18:37:49 UTC
0eb5c37 Don't call through function pointers -- otherwise, 'nvcc' crashes! 23 April 2009, 02:32:01 UTC
185800d Proposed CUDA kernel for conjugate gradient solver. 23 April 2009, 02:22:19 UTC
a6bc514 Avoid core dump in record() when E->fp hasn't been set yet. 22 April 2009, 00:59:20 UTC
e45eab4 The new Python.h header check reorders this script somewhat. CIT_CHECK_PYTHON_HEADER must follow AC_PROG_CC, and precede CIT_PYTHON_EGG_SETUP. 21 April 2009, 22:29:26 UTC
c46afd8 Issue45: Check for Python.h. 21 April 2009, 19:33:59 UTC
756b97b Added viscosity options 9 and 10 for TDPEPV which are identical to 3 and 8 but temperature is not limited to [0;1]. This is cumbersome, but perhaps needed for backward compatibility. 17 April 2009, 03:37:28 UTC
9ea8a44 Move parameter "mantle_temp" from CitcomS.solver.param to CitcomS.solver.ic. Renamed E->control.lith_age_mantle_temp to E->control.mantle_temp. 16 April 2009, 18:24:28 UTC
0591133 update cookbook8 with the manual 16 April 2009, 18:23:06 UTC
487eeea Add -DUSE_HDF5 to CPPFLAGS in module/Exchanger 16 April 2009, 18:22:22 UTC
075b734 change the viscosity section to be the same as that in cookbook3. 16 April 2009, 18:21:50 UTC
2c35d25 Removed domain extents, since they are determined by coor_file. 16 April 2009, 18:20:08 UTC
a7389af Removed instructions to 'make install', 'make clean' and 'make distclean'. Added dependencies. 16 April 2009, 18:07:53 UTC
a2a39ef Fixed a bug in cgrad solver introduced in r13270. 09 April 2009, 20:53:58 UTC
7dbc76c Left debugging output in, now cleaned up 09 April 2009, 20:39:24 UTC
d5b89ca Fixed file output issue which caused vtk log file I/O to bomb during Citcom finalize. 09 April 2009, 20:37:59 UTC
9d6cfb4 Sync'ing C and Pyre and adding comments 08 April 2009, 23:39:49 UTC
971856b Added a function citcom_finalize() to close files and MPI before exit. Return 0 when the code is finished normally. Rearrang post_processing and stokes_flow_only. 08 April 2009, 23:38:51 UTC
6e42502 Clean up. 08 April 2009, 23:34:43 UTC
811838a Removed multigrid-el option of stokes solver, which is broken for a long time and not used by anyone. 08 April 2009, 23:31:11 UTC
f482a84 Moved where to call read_rayleigh_from_file() earlier. I hope this doesn't break the ray_control stuff. 08 April 2009, 23:27:51 UTC
5ab6970 Fixed bug in vtop assignment. 08 April 2009, 20:24:59 UTC
c6a6fd7 Revert the unintended modification of examples/ 07 April 2009, 22:50:02 UTC
c5e1db6 Change the viscosity option in cookbook3 and cookbook4 07 April 2009, 22:45:32 UTC
ce1c4ce Change the mesh size in cookbook2 07 April 2009, 22:44:24 UTC
02125c8 Renamed Seismic_model.c to Mineral_physics_models.c 04 April 2009, 00:59:32 UTC
1ff1990 Fixed a few bugs in seismic output * fixed errors in the coefficient table * fixed typos * normalized drho by reference density profile * more digits in the prem radius table * added two specfem flags in PREM calculation. * "dv" output for debugging purpose, disabled. 04 April 2009, 00:57:47 UTC
795f249 Inconsisent parameters with the manual 04 April 2009, 00:52:15 UTC
9de0f51 Modified the way the compositional init with ggrd tracer can now select either a range of layers (>0) or a specific layer (<0). 28 March 2009, 02:29:00 UTC
dc9672a limiting the number of multigrid cycles in solve_del2_u(). A new input parameter solver.vsolver.max_mg_cycles (default to 50) controls the max. number of multigrid cycles when solving the velocity. Without this parameter, when the stiffness matrix is near singular, the the multigrid solver may become an infinite loop. 20 March 2009, 23:36:56 UTC
25a7493 Remove mgunitx etc from pyre input. This restores the behavior in v3.0 and earlier version. In pyre version, the mesh size is always specified by nodex etc. In C version, the mesh size is specified by nodex if Solver=cgrad, and by mgunitx and levels if Solver=multigrid. 18 March 2009, 19:39:54 UTC
04c4125 Rollback the unintended change in velo output. 17 March 2009, 23:42:01 UTC
6e50c43 Check return values of sscanf/fscanf. This fixs issue265. 17 March 2009, 00:18:09 UTC
213f078 Removed obsolete function read_previous_field() 17 March 2009, 00:17:04 UTC
c1fbc1d remove angular momentum from stokes solution by setting solver.vsolver.remove_angular_mementum=1 17 March 2009, 00:16:11 UTC
e8525af Converting temperature/composition fields to seismic velocities, in a format that specfem3d portal and v4.1 can understand. * solver.param.mineral_physics_mode: default to 3, the model of Tramper, Vacher and Vlaar's PEPI 2001. * output_optional=seismic will write coordinates and seismic velocities in binary files for specfem comsumption. * domain bounds file "datafile.domain": binary file with nproc * 10 doubles. The 10 doubles are (rmin, rmax) and four (theta, phi) pairs for the four bottom corner nodes. This file is written by rank-0 processor only. 16 March 2009, 23:17:30 UTC
ebff88c add test cases for the stokes solver under bousinessq approximation and truncated anelastic liquid approximation 16 March 2009, 22:52:08 UTC
e1f9320 seperate initialization and parameter input 16 March 2009, 22:50:06 UTC
ac6cb95 change the default of mgunit 16 March 2009, 22:44:42 UTC
8c586f0 Make the initialization step in pyre conforms to C version. This fixs a bug in r13270. 16 March 2009, 22:43:37 UTC
b655ef9 Disable HC related stuff if USE_GGRD is not set 10 March 2009, 00:58:34 UTC
aaec6e9 Changed ic flavors from 100 to 99 as per Eh's request 04 March 2009, 23:45:21 UTC
c7d458e Changed ggrd flavor init for tracers with checkpoint override from 2 to 100 as per Eh's request. 04 March 2009, 23:00:56 UTC
0085e63 Added ic_method_for_flavors=2, which works like the ggrd based tracer flavor init method ic_method_for_flavors=1 but overrides restart settings for tracers. This allows a compositional restart of a purely thermal run. 28 February 2009, 21:23:21 UTC
a9ab99d Partially back out r19268,r9272,r11215, since the AVM stuff is redesigned. 20 February 2009, 00:09:53 UTC
66ad9f1 Partially back out r11218, since the AVM stuff is redesigned. 19 February 2009, 23:46:52 UTC
c8a7398 Partially back out r11221, since the AVM stuff is redesigned. 19 February 2009, 23:41:16 UTC
edc858e Back out r11279, since the AVM stuff is redesigned. 19 February 2009, 23:35:07 UTC
f26ee7a Fixed minor bug exposed by C-to-C++ translation (r14045). 13 February 2009, 03:46:04 UTC
8e778fa Emit the warning message from a different place to get rid of static variables. Also, the macros TRUE and FALSE are undefined unless configured with GMT. 06 February 2009, 19:51:18 UTC
2dbb83a Fixed a bug in viscosity rheol=7. Bug reported by Laura Alisic. 22 December 2008, 18:48:50 UTC
e6414a7 Fixed two bugs in lg_pow(a, n), which computes a^n. One bug is when n=0, it returned a, instead of 1 Another bug is a^(n-1) was returned 19 November 2008, 06:49:04 UTC
00f2357 One more fix to zero geoid arrays 18 November 2008, 23:56:37 UTC
d11440a Zero'ed geoid arrays. 18 November 2008, 22:58:29 UTC
cd0f4b8 Patched up Ggrd_handling for velocity grids close to pole. Addded flag to suppress check of incompressibility and pressure convergence. Partially, this is because for kinematic BCs pressure will only be constrained up to a constant, partially because mixed density/plate flow models show very poor convergence, still to be checked. 18 November 2008, 06:55:46 UTC
b1d50c6 blob parameters were required even if tic_method != 2, changed such that the parameters were only read in if tic_method == 2 11 November 2008, 02:55:07 UTC
54a6331 Minor fix to allow compilation with USE_GGRD 11 November 2008, 02:48:36 UTC
3d888ba forget to check in module/setProperties.c 07 November 2008, 23:35:06 UTC
bcddb74 * Reserved 'tic_method=100' for user-defined initial temperature. * Read all parameters related to initial temperature regardless which tic_method is used. This will make the life easier when adding new tic_method. * Fixed a bug in 'tic_method=0' for regional model. The bug causes that the sinosoidal temperature perturbation is applied at 0th processor only. * Fixed a bug in 'tic_method=1' for regional model. 'tic_method=1' should generate a top TBL according to the input parameter 'half_space_age'. However, the code effectively multiply 25x to the age. Cookbook6 is using this tic_method, so its half_space_age needs to become 2500 to get the original temperature. * In 'tic_method=2', compute distance in Cartesian coordinate, instead of spherical coordinate. * Refactoring codes for temperature initial conditions. * Merged regional_construct_tic_from_input() and full_construct_tic_from_input() to construct_tic_from_input(). 07 November 2008, 23:32:20 UTC
ca13d76 Reserved 'rheol=100' for user-defined viscosity law. 07 November 2008, 23:32:00 UTC
a0d3b96 Added parameter 'use_cbf_topo' to pyre binding, default to off. 07 November 2008, 23:31:29 UTC
8ad1a60 * Added back parameters mgunitx/mgunity/mgunitz. This partly reverts r13256. * Under pyre, uses mgunitx/mgunity/mgunitz and levels to compute nodex/nodey/nodez in multigrid solver. * Merged regional_global_derived_values() and full_global_derived_values() to global_derived_values(). 07 November 2008, 23:14:19 UTC
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