You can contribute to extend the content of the Software Heritage archive by submitting an origin save request. To do so, fill the required info in the form below:

The origin type must be specified
The origin url is not valid or does not reference a code repository

A "Save code now" request takes the following parameters:

  • Origin type: the type of version control system the software origin is using. Currently, the supported types are:
  • Origin url: the url of the remote repository for the software origin.
    In order to avoid saving errors from Software Heritage, you should provide the clone/checkout url as given by the provider hosting the software origin.
    It can easily be found in the web interface used to browse the software origin.
    For instance, if you want to save a git origin into the archive, you should check that the command $ git clone <origin_url>
    does not return an error before submitting a request.

Once submitted, your save request can either be:

  • accepted: a visit to the provided origin will then be scheduled by Software Heritage in order to load its content into the archive as soon as possible
  • rejected: the provided origin url is blacklisted and no visit will be scheduled
  • put in pending state: a manual review will then be performed in order to determine if the origin can be safely loaded or not into the archive

Once a save request has been accepted, you can follow its current status in the submitted save requests list.
If you submitted requests while authenticated, you will be able to only display your own requests.

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