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\title{Load GEO Dataset.}
loadGEO(name, type = NA)
\item{name}{String, containing GEO identifier of the dataset.
It should start with 'GSE' or 'GDS' and can include exact GPL
to annotate dataset, separated with dash ('-') from the identifier.}

\item{type}{Type of the dataset: 'GSE' or 'GDS'. If not specified,
the function will take first three letters
of \code{name} variable as type.}
File with ProtoBuf-serialized ExpressionSet-s
    that were downloaded by this identifier.
    For GSE-datasets there can be multiple annotations, so in file will be a
    list mapping name with GPL to ExpressionSet.
\code{loadGEO} returns the file with serialized ExpressionSet using
    ProtoBuf, parsed from data downloaded from GEO by identifier.

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