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Raw File
\title{Updates the Component Packages of statnet}
    Arguments passed to \code{\link{update.packages}}
%  \item{askAboutSuggests}{
%    Logical:  If TRUE, go through the list of packages on the
%    \code{Suggests} line of the \code{statnet/DESCRIPTION} and
%    ask whether to update each one.  If FALSE, ignore the
%    \code{Suggests} line altogether.
%  }
 Updates or, if necessary, installs the component packages of 
\pkg{statnet} that are on \code{CRAN}. This function is
essentially an alias for \code{\link{update.packages}},
and any arguments passed to \code{update_statnet} 
(except \code{oldPkgs} and \code{ask}) are 
passed directly to \code{\link{update.packages}}.  
The function will automatically update those packages listed in the
\code{Depends} and \code{Suggests} lines of the \code{statnet/DESCRIPTION} file.
  \code{update_statnet} returns NULL invisibly.  
  The function tells which packages are being checked.  In addition,
  \code{\link{update.packages}} provides very informative feedback
  whenever a package is out of date.
  \code{\link{update.packages}}, \code{\link{install.packages}}
# Update from statnet.org
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