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\title{Update the Component Packages of the Statnet Suite}
\description{A wrapper around \code{\link{update.packages}} to update
  the component packages of Statnet Suite to their latest versions.
update_statnet(\dots, ask = FALSE, checkBuilt = TRUE, addURLs = character())

  \item{ask, checkBuilt}{Arguments to \code{\link{update.packages}}
    documentation. The defaults are different from those of that
    \item{addURLs}{Optional repository URLs in addition to CRAN, such as
      \url{http://statnet.csde.washington.edu/preview}. Defaults to

    Additional arguments to be passed to \code{\link{update.packages}}.
  Updates the list component packages of Statnet Suite, using \code{\link{setRepositories}} and \code{\link{update.packages}}.
  Since there are no good ways to update packages once they are loaded, this function should be called immediately after restarting R. 
  \code{update_statnet} returns NULL invisibly.  
  \code{\link{setRepositories}}, \code{\link{update.packages}}, \code{\link{install.packages}}
# Update from CRAN

# Update from statnet.org's preview release, taking packages from CRAN
# as needed
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