Raw File
# Calculs liste

# Modifier nom liste
txt_ModifierNomListe = Modify list name
txt_SaisirNom = Please type a name.

# Calculs sur messages
txt_CalculSuivi = Calculation of the follow-up duration
txt_CalculNumerotation = Calculation of the messages numerotation
txt_DureeSuiviCalculee = Follow-up duration calculated
txt_CalculNumerotationTerminee = Calculation of the messages numerotation finished
txt_Du = from
txt_Au = to
txt_Annees = years
txt_Mois = months
txt_Jours = days
txt_Heures = hours

# Split Liste
txt_ScissionListe = List splitting
txt_ScissionImpossible = List splitting is impossible because\nyour project has no lists.
txt_ScissionImpossibleNoMessages = Splitting the selected list\nis impossible because it has no messages.
txt_ScissionImpossibleNoLocuteurs = To use this parameter, first analyse the list.
txt_ScissionSelectListe = Please select a list.
txt_ScissionSelectParam =  Please select a splitting parameter.
txt_Date = Date
txt_SelectionnerParamDate = Please select a Splitting Date parameter.
txt_SelectionnerParamLocuteur = Please select a Splitting Speaker parameter.
txt_ScissionSucces = successful performed
txt_SelectionListeScinder = Select a list to split
txt_SelectionParamScinder = Select a parameter
txt_ParamDate = Date
txt_ParamLocuteur = Speaker
txt_DecoupageListeSelon = Split list according to
txt_ParamSplitList_Annees = Years
txt_ParamSplitList_Mois = Months
txt_ParamSplitList_Jours = Days

# Choix type messages
txt_MessagesForumEnCours1 = The
txt_MessagesForumEnCours2 = bulletin board messages have not finished being downloaded.\nDo you want to continue
txt_ForumEnCours = Bulletin board messages being downloaded
txt_ChoixTypeMessages = Select a message type
txt_ChoixTypeMessagesForum = messages on online bulletin board
txt_ChoixTypeMessagesExtractify = From a json file (Extractify)
txt_ChoixTypeMessagesBalLocale = messages in a local mailbox
txt_ChoixTypeMessagesBalDistante = messages in a remote mailbox
txt_AjoutMessages = Add messages

# AddMessages
txt_AjouterMessages = Add messages
txt_TraitementRepertoire = Directory / file processing
txt_Patientez = Please wait
txt_Accompli = performed
txt_FichiersExistentDeja = Files that you want to add already exist
txt_AjoutMessages = Add messages
txt_RepertoireAucunFichier = The selected directory doesn't contain any valid file.\nPlease select (a directory of) \n.mbx/.mbox/.eml/.mboxrd/.emlx files
txt_Indefini = undefined
txt_ZeroMessageExtrait = No message retrieved.
txt_MessagesAjoutesListe = messages added to the list
txt_AucunMessagesAjoutesListe = No message added to the list
txt_MessagesExtraits = messages retrieved
txt_AjoutMessagesListe = Add messages to the list

# AddForumMessages
txt_ProxyNeeded = Proxy configuration
txt_UrlToConnect = Website url
txt_Proxy = Proxy
txt_ProxyHttp = Web proxy (Http)
txt_NoProxy = No proxy
txt_PortProxy = Port
txt_AdresseForum = Bulletin board adress
txt_ImpossibleAccederAdresseForum = Unable to reach
txt_SleepTime = Overload prevent (ms)
txt_AjoutForum = Add a board
txt_ErreurProxy = Proxy error
txt_ErreurProxy403 = Proxy error : access forbidden
txt_ProxyNonValide = Please enter a valid http proxy.
txt_ErreurSleepTime = Many disconnections occurred.\nThis is probably due to server overload contacted.\nPlease increase the latency of downloading messages.
txt_ChoixForum = Select a bulletin board
txt_ListeForums = Bulletin boards list of
txt_TopicsEnviron = topics approximately
txt_AjoutMessagesForum = Add messages : Topics page
txt_AnalyseUrl = Web page analysis
txt_AnalyseForums = Founded bulletin boards analysis
txt_AjoutUrlForum = Recovering bulletin boards
txt_ForumsRecuperes = bulletin boards adresses recovered
txt_PageTopicsRecuperee = recovered
txt_ErreurConnexionReprendre = Do you want to resume downloading messages
txt_ErreurAccesPage = Can not access the pages
txt_AjoutMessagesPageMessages = Messages page
txt_ErreurFormat = Page format error
txt_ErreurFormatPage = Unsupported HTML format forum
txt_ErreurFormatDate = Unsupported date format forum
txt_SelectionForum = Bulletin board select
txt_SelectionForumErreur = Please select a bulletin board
txt_RecuperationTopics = Recovering topics
txt_TopicsRecuperes = topics adresses recovered
txt_UpdateForum = Update
txt_AnalysePagesTopics = Topics pages analysis
txt_AnalyseTopics = Topics analysis
txt_PagesMessagesRecuperees = messages pages adress recovered
# Erreurs
txt_ErreurTimedOut = Timed out error
txt_ErreurIO = Connexion error
txt_ErreurSurcharge = Erreur de surcharge du serveur
txt_AugmenterLatenceTelechargement = Increase the messages download latency time\n For example : 2000 ms
txt_ErreurHttp = Http error
txt_ForumAdressNonValide = Unsupported forum type : no valid forum found.
txt_ErreurForumAdress = Forum error
txt_TopicNonValide = Topic type is not supported: no valid topic was found.
txt_ErreurTopic = Topic error
txt_PageNonValide = Page type is not supported.
txt_ErreurPage = Page error

# AnalyseListe
txt_CalculStats = List statistical calculation
txt_ParamSelectionLD = Multiplier coefficient of prominent speakers selection
txt_ParamSelectionSC = Multiplier coefficient of collective subjects selection
txt_ParamSelectionSCLD = Include the number of different speakers per discussion in the calculation of collective subjects

# Regroupement des messages
txt_ManqueParametre = Please indicate a day OR messages parameter\n(-1 to exclude the parameter).
txt_Erreur = Error
txt_ErreurParamLevenshtein = Please indicate a Levenshtein distance\nparameter strictly lesser than 15.
txt_ErreurParamLD = Please indicate a prominent speakers\nselection parameter strictly greater than 0.
txt_ErreurParamSC = Please indicate a collective subjects\nselection parameter strictly greater than 0.
txt_EnableParamJoursMessagesLevenshtein = Parameters days, messages, Levenshtein (Mailbox messages)
txt_DisableParamJoursMessagesLevenshtein = No parameters days, messages, Levenshtein (Bulletin board messages)
txt_ParamJours = Parameter days
txt_ParamMessages = Parameter messages
txt_ExclureParam = -1 to exclude parameter
txt_ParamDistanceLevenshtein = Levenshtein distance
txt_RegroupementMessages = Grouping messages of the list
txt_ParamTypeJours = days
txt_ParamTypeMessages = messages
txt_Entre2Messages = between two messages having identical subject
txt_Entre2MessagesAucun = \u2205
txt_ChkNoRegroupement = Delete grouping
txt_RegroupeMessages = Grouping messages
txt_MessagesRegroupes = messages grouped
txt_SuppressionRegroupeMessages = Remove grouping messages parameters
txt_MessagesRegroupesRetires = messages took back

# Calcul conversations
txt_Accomplie = done
txt_ExtractConversations = Extraction of threads
txt_Effectuee = performed
txt_EnregistrementConversations = Threads recording
txt_MiseAJourMessagesConversations = Messages update

# Calcul locuteurs
txt_ExtractLocuteurs = Extraction of speakers
txt_Effectue = performed
txt_EnregistrementLocuteurs = Speakers recording

# Calcul locuteurs dominants
txt_CalculLD = Calculation of prominent speakers
txt_AucunLDTrouve = No prominent speakers found.\nPlease change the parameter.

# Calcul des sujets collectives
txt_CalculSC = Calculation of collective subjects
txt_AucunSCTrouve = No collective subjects found.\nPlease change the parameter.

# Calcul sur conversations
txt_CalculNbreMoyenMessagesConv = Calculation of the average number of messages by thread
txt_CalculNbreMoyenLocuteursConv = Calculation of the average number of speakers by thread
txt_CalculNbreConvLocuteur = Calculation of the number of threads by speaker

# Calcul sur locuteurs
txt_CalculNbreLocuteurs = Calculation of the number of speakers
txt_CalculNbreLocuteursUnSeulMessage = Calculation of the number of speakers sending only one message
txt_CalculNbreMoyenMessagesLocuteursMois = Calculation of the average number of messages by speaker and by month

# ExportToCSV
txt_ListeCsv = Export list in csv file format
txt_ExportMessagesPatientez = Export messages
txt_RequeteNoResults = Your query has no result.
txt_Echouee = failed
txt_ExporterVers = Export to
txt_CsvIdentifiantMessage = Id
txt_CsvDateMessage = Date
txt_CsvExpediteurMessage = Sender
txt_CsvSujetMessage = Subject
txt_CsvSujetTronqueMessage = Truncated subject
txt_CsvIdConvMessage = Topic id
txt_CsvIdLocMessage = Sender id
txt_CsvNumMessage = Post number
txt_CsvTxtMessage = Post
txt_CsvFName = Bulletin board
txt_CsvFNumDansTopicMessage = Number in Topic
txt_CsvNbreMessages = Number of messages
txt_CsvNbreLocuteursConversation = Number of speakers
txt_CsvFNbreVueTopicConversation = Number of views
txt_FRole = Staff
txt_FPosition = Position
txt_FNbreEtoiles = Number of stars
txt_FActivity = Activity
txt_FNbrePostsTotal = Total number of messages
txt_FDateRegistered = Date registred
txt_FEmail = EMail
txt_FWebsite = Website
txt_FGender = Gender
txt_FAge = Age
txt_FLocation = Location
txt_FSignature = Signature
txt_MessagesExportes = post(s) has (have) been exported to
txt_ConversationsExportes = thread(s) has (have) been exported to
txt_LocuteursExportes = speaker(s) has (have) been exported to
txt_SelectionSelonMessages = Selection according to messages
txt_LocuteursSeparesPar = Speakers (separated by ;)
txt_Du = From
txt_InclusAu = included to
txt_Inclus = included
txt_NumerosMessagesSepares = Messages numbers (separated by ; or - for an interval (* = upper or lower limit.))
txt_Numeros = Number(s)
txt_MotsSujetSepares = Words in subject (separated by ;)
txt_Mots = Word(s)
txt_Et = AND
txt_MotsCorpsSepares = Words in message body (separated by ;)
txt_MessageOriginal = Don't include original message
txt_SelectConv = Selection according to discussions
txt_NbreLocuteursSupEgal = Number of speakers greater or equal to
txt_InferieurEgal = and lesser or equal to
txt_NbreMessagesSupEgal = Number of messages greater or equal to
txt_OptionsExportation = Export options
txt_ExporterDate = Export the date
txt_ExporterLocuteur = Export the speaker
txt_ExporterSujet = Export the subject
txt_ExporterSujetTronque = Export the truncated subject
txt_ExporterNumConv = Export discussion number
txt_ExporterNumMessage = Export message number
txt_ExporterCorpsMessage = Export message body (32747 carac.)
txt_SupprimerHTML = Remove HTML in message body
txt_SupprimerMessageOrigine = Remove Original Message if present in the message body
txt_FichiersCsv = csv Files

# Export to PDF
txt_ExportTabLocuteursPDFVers = Export statistics and table of speakers in PDF file format
txt_DocumentGenere = Document generated on
txt_StatsLocuteurs = Statistics of speakers
txt_TabLocuteurs = Table of speakers
txt_EcraserFichierExistant = Do you want to overwrite the existing file
txt_Nom = Name
txt_Debut = Start
txt_Fin = End
txt_DureeParticipation = Duration of participation
txt_Jours = days
txt_Nombre = Number of
txt_Intensite = Intensity
txt_LocuteurDominant = Prominent<br>speaker
txt_Conversations = discussions
txt_SCLances = Initiated<br>collective subjects
txt_SC = Collective subjects
txt_ParticipationsSC = participations in<br>Collective subjects
txt_MessagesSC = messages<br>in collective subjects
txt_PourcentTotalMessages = Percentage of total messages
txt_Conversation = Thread
txt_SujetPremierMessage = First message subject
txt_NumeroPremierMessage = First message number
txt_Duree = Duration
txt_Locuteurs = speakers
txt_Lanceur = Initiator
txt_ExportTabConversationsPDFVers = Export statistics and table of discussions in PDF file format
txt_StatsConversations = Statistics of discussions
txt_TabConversations = Table of discussions
txt_MessagesMin = messages
txt_LocuteursPDF = Export speakers in PDF file format
txt_ConversationsPDF = Export discussions in PDF file format
txt_FichiersPdf = pdf Files

# Nettoyage
# locuteurs
txt_NettoyageLocuteurs = Speakers cleansing
txt_ModificationsEffectuees = modification(s) was (were) performed.
txt_ListeLocuteursExportee = The list of speakers has been exported to
txt_NettoyageImpossible = Cleaning impossible
txt_NettoyageAutomatiqueImpossible = Automatic cleaning impossible
txt_NettoyageManuelImpossible = Manual cleaning impossible
txt_Annuler = Cancel
txt_Exporter = Export
txt_Actualiser = Refresh
txt_Valider = Validate
txt_ExportTabCorresLoc = Export the speakers correlation table to
txt_ImportTabCorresLoc = Import the speakers correlation table
txt_AppliquerTabCorresLoc = Are you sure you want to apply\nthe correlations file 
txt_AListeLoc = to the speakers list
txt_AncienNom = Old name
txt_NouveauNom = New name
txt_GPYahoo = Group post (Yahoo!)
txt_ProfilYahoo = Profil (Yahoo!)
txt_Mail = E-mail
txt_Modification = Modification
txt_ValeurMailIndefini = The email value \"undefined\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurMailVide = The email value \"empty\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurMailPublic = The email value \"public\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurProfilYahooIndefini = The Yahoo! Profil value \"undefined\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurProfilYahooVide = The Yahoo! Profil value \"empty\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurProfilYahooPublic = The Yahoo! Profil value \"public\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurGPYahooIndefini = The Yahoo! Group Post value \"undefined\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurGPYahooVide = The Yahoo! Group Post value \"empty\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValeurGPYahooPublic = The Yahoo! Group Post value \"public\"\ncannot be used as parameter\nto modify speakers name.
txt_ValiderNom = Validate the name above
txt_Ou = OR
txt_ValiderNomLigne = Validate the name above and the selected line
txt_LocuteursMemeNom = for all speakers with the same name
txt_LocuteursMemeGp = for all speakers with the same Yahoo! Group Post
txt_LocuteursMemeP = for all speakers with the same Yahoo! Profil
txt_LocuteursMemeMail = for all speakers with the same e-mail
txt_NettoyageAutoLocuteursRapprochements = By their \"GroupPost\", \"Profil\" and common e-mails, \nthe following names can be relatively similar.
txt_CocherModifications = Check the modifications to perform
txt_Pour = for
# sujets
txt_NettoyageSujets = Subjects cleansing
txt_ModifierSujets = Modify subject
txt_ChoisirAuMoinsUnMot = Please enter one or more words to remove.
txt_CocherMots = Select words to remove
txt_Cite = cited
txt_Fois = times
txt_MotsSujetsASupprimer = Word(s) in subject (separated by ;) to remove
txt_Annuler = Cancel

# NetworkGraphFrame
txt_MouseMode = Mouse actions
txt_MouseModeTransforming = Move the graphic
txt_MouseModePicking = Selection
txt_MenuFichier = File
txt_MenuExporterImage = Export to jpeg
txt_MenuExporterNetFile = Export to .net
txt_MenuImprimer = Print
txt_EnregistrerJpg = Export the graphic to jpg format (Image)
txt_EnregistrerNet = Export the graphic to net format (Pajek)
txt_FichiersJpg = jpg - jpeg Files
txt_FichiersNet = net Files
txt_GraphExportSucces = The graphic has been exported to
txt_NetworkFrame = Links between speakers according to their responses to the messages in a single conversation
txt_Redessiner = Redraw
txt_Ok = OK
txt_Selection = Selection
txt_AnalyseStructureGraph = Graph structure analysis
txt_Activer = Activate
txt_LiensSupprimes = Edges removed for clusters
txt_Clusteriser = Group clusters
txt_Affichage = Display
txt_FrequencesArcs = Edges frequencies
txt_ErreurSaisieNonValide = Invalid input
txt_ArcFreqSupA = Display the arcs of which the frequency is greater than
txt_ArcFreqInfA = and less than
txt_ErreurSaisieNonCoherente = Inconsistent input
txt_ErreurChampsVides = Empty fields
txt_MontrerFrequenceArcs = Display edges frequencies
txt_MontrerLabelsSommets = Display nodes labels
txt_GrapheTropGros1 = Your graph has
txt_GrapheTropGros2 = edges.\nAnalyse its structure may be very slow.\nDo you want to continue
txt_SelectionArc1 = *Selection of edge number
txt_SelectionArc2 = from
txt_SelectionArc3 = to
txt_SelectionArc4 = Frequency
txt_SelectionSommet1 = *Selection of
txt_SelectionSommet2 = Outgoing links
txt_SelectionSommet3 = Inbound links

# Export Liste
txt_FichiersLame = lame Files
txt_ExportListeVers = Export the list to
txt_ImportListe = Import the list

# Suppression messages
txt_SuppressionMessages = Messages removing
txt_MessagesSupprimes = messages removed
txt_PatientezSuppressionMessages = Please wait while messages are being removed

# Extractify
#txtTitreColonneTrouve = Column title found
#txt_CorrespondanceColonne = Columns matching
#txt_TitreColonneForum = Forum title
#txt_TitreColonneTopic = Topic title
#txt_NbreVuesTopic = Number of topic's views
#txt_TitreColonneAuteur = Author
#txt_TitreColonneMessage = Message
#txt_TitreColonneDateMessage = Date of message
txt_Echoue = failed
txt_MauvaisFormatFichier = Wrong file format
txt_FichiersJSon = JSon files

txt_ExtractionForum = Forum(s) extraction
txt_ExtractionTopic = Topic(s) extraction
txt_PropertiesMatching = Select the matching L@me fields :
txt_JsonLameFieldsMatching = Json / L@me fields matching
txt_TitreTopic = Topic title
txt_SaisirTitreTopic = Give a topic title
txt_ErreurTitreTopic = Please enter a valid topic title.
# Forum
txt_Forum = Forum
txt_ForumMin = forum
txt_NomForum = Name
txt_UrlForum = URL
# Topic
txt_Topic = Topic
txt_TopicMin = topic
txt_UrlTopic = URL
txt_TitreTopic = Title
txt_NbrVuesTopic = Number of views
txt_Message = Message
txt_MessageMin = message
txt_DateMessage = Date
txt_CorpsMessage = Text
# Auteur
txt_Auteur = Auteur
txt_AuteurMin = author
txt_NomAuteur = Name
txt_LocalisationAuteur = Localisation
txt_NbreMessagesAuteur = Number of posts
txt_DateInscriptionAuteur = Joined date
txt_StatutAuteur = Statut
txt_ReputationAuteur = Reputation
txt_GenreAuteur = Gender
txt_AgeAuteur = Age
txt_SignatureAuteur = Signature
txt_PositionAuteur = Position
txt_EmailAuteur = Email
txt_WebsiteAuteur = Website
txt_ActiviteAuteur = Activity
# Informations
txt_AucuneProprieteMessagesSelectionnee = No message properties selected.\nPlease select at least the the message date, message text and author name.
txt_TropPeuProprieteMessagesSelectionnee = Too few selected message properties.\nPlease select at least the message date, message text and author name.
txt_Erreurs = Errors have appeared. The process that has just been completed may be incomplete.\nError messages:\n
txt_ErrorMatchingFields = Errors in the correspondence of the fields
txt_NumberFormatError = Wrong number format
txt_DateFormatError = Wrong date format
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