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version 1.0
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A Package For Generating Correlated Binary Data

Uses the algorithm of Emrich and Piedmonte (1991) to generate
correlated binary data for a given correlation matrix

Package: \tab mvtBinaryEP \cr
Type: \tab Package\cr
Version: \tab 1.0\cr
Date: \tab 2009-02-16\cr
License: \tab GPL(>=2) \cr
The most important function is \code{ep}.  Other functions include
\code{ranMVN}, \code{ranMVN2}, and \code{ranMvnXch}.  These are used
in the \code{ep} function to generate correlated binary responses.
The user may use these functions if multivariate normal data is desired.
We note that the \code{mvtnorm} package also avails the user of functions to
generate multivariate data which may be more efficient than our mutivariate normal
These routines were written by Dr. Bahjat Qaqish in SAS and translated to R by
Kunthel By.  Questions may be relayed to <>
Emrich, L.J. and Piedmonte, M.R., A method for generating high-dimensional multivariate
binary variates, The American Statistician, 45:302-304, 1991.
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