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\title{Convert between Probability of Direction (pd) and p-value.}
pd_to_p(pd, direction = "two-sided", ...)

p_to_pd(p, direction = "two-sided", ...)

convert_p_to_pd(p, direction = "two-sided", ...)

convert_pd_to_p(pd, direction = "two-sided", ...)
\item{pd}{A Probability of Direction (pd) value (between 0 and 1).}

\item{direction}{What type of p-value is requested or provided. Can be
\code{"two-sided"} (default, two tailed) or \code{"one-sided"} (one tailed).}

\item{...}{Arguments passed to or from other methods.}

\item{p}{A p-value.}
Enables a conversion between Probability of Direction (pd) and p-value.
pd_to_p(pd = 0.95)
pd_to_p(pd = 0.95, direction = "one-sided")
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