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Tip revision: cb2d3eaef7b15c7acac44f62ddc559a259464d2b authored by Charles J. Geyer on 02 August 2005, 00:00 UTC
version 0.3
Tip revision: cb2d3ea
Package: aster
Version: 0.3
Date: 2 August 2005
Title: Aster Models
Author: Charles J. Geyer <>.
Maintainer: Charles J. Geyer <>
Depends: R (>= 2.0.0)
Description: functions and datasets for Aster modeling (forest graph
    exponential family conditional or unconditional canonical statistic models
    for life history trait modeling)
License: X11 (
Packaged: Tue Aug  2 17:13:35 2005; charlie
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