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Tip revision: 09a16d4365605c86100bf01684a3304933dfbdd8 authored by Yohan Chalabi on 23 June 2013, 00:00 UTC
version 3010.83
Tip revision: 09a16d4
2013-06-23  chalabi

	* DESCRIPTION, R/zzz.R, src/Makevars: updated Fortran flags,
	  version number and removed .First.lib()

2012-11-07  chalabi

	* ChangeLog, DESCRIPTION: Updated ChangeLog and DESC
	* DESCRIPTION: Updated version number
	* DESCRIPTION: Updated maintainer field
	* man/PlainVanillaOptions.Rd: Fixed typo

2012-04-17  chalabi

	* ChangeLog, DESCRIPTION: update version number and ChangeLog file

2012-04-11  mmaechler

	  src/085A-LowDiscrepancy.f: fix array overrun for dimension=1;
	  other cosmetic halton/sobl

2012-03-20  chalabi

	* DESCRIPTION: updated DESC file

2012-03-19  chalabi

	* R/HestonNandiOptions.R: fixed partial argument names
	* src/085A-LowDiscrepancy.f: removed calls to WRITE() in
	  fortranFortran routines

2011-09-23  mmaechler

	* DESCRIPTION: remove deprecated "LazyLoad" entry

2011-06-07  chalabi

	* ChangeLog, DESCRIPTION: updated ChangeLog and DESC file
	* src/085A-LowDiscrepancy.f: Delcared all variables and functions
	  to avoid troubles with picky compilers

2011-06-07  mmaechler

	* src/085A-LowDiscrepancy.f: fix obvious typos after spell-checking

2010-07-23  chalabi

	* inst/DocCopying.pdf: removed DocCopying.pdf license is already
	  specified in DESCRIPTION file

2010-04-23  chalabi

	* ChangeLog, DESCRIPTION: updated DESCR and ChangeLog
	* src/085A-LowDiscrepancy.f: fixed sobol RVS on 64 bit platform
	* ChangeLog, DESCRIPTION: updated DESC and ChangeLog

2010-04-22  chalabi

	* src/085A-LowDiscrepancy.f: formating code
	* src/085A-LowDiscrepancy.f: Updated LowDiscrepancy.f with changes
	  of Christophe Dutang.

2009-09-30  chalabi

	* DESCRIPTION: updated version number

2009-09-29  chalabi

	* ChangeLog, DESCRIPTION: updated DESC and ChangeLog

2009-04-02  chalabi

	* DESCRIPTION: more explicit depends and suggests field in DESC

2009-04-01  chalabi

	* DESCRIPTION: updated DESC file

2009-01-28  chalabi

	* man/BinomialTreeOptions.Rd, man/MonteCarloOptions.Rd,
	  man/PlainVanillaOptions.Rd: updated manual pages to new Rd parser

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