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Tip revision: a71d6c7cfd6266d6d2902d1c5510d6e57a671f58 authored by Mark S. Handcock on 15 March 2008, 00:00 UTC
version 2.0-6
Tip revision: a71d6c7
Package: statnet
Version: 2.0-6
Date: 2008-15-03
Title:  Software tools for the Statistical Modeling of Network Data
Author: Mark S. Handcock <handcock@stat.washington.edu>,
        David R. Hunter <dhunter@stat.psu.edu>,
        Carter T. Butts <buttsc@uci.edu>,
        Steven M. Goodreau <goodreau@u.washington.edu>,
        Martina Morris <morrism@u.washington.edu>
Maintainer: Mark S. Handcock <handcock@stat.washington.edu>
Depends: R (>= 2.6), network (>= 1.3), ergm (>= 2.0-6), latentnet (>= 2.1-1), degreenet (>= 1.0), sna (>= 1.3)
Description: An integrated set of tools for the representation, visualization, analysis and simulation of network data. This package For an introduction type: help(package='statnet')
License: file LICENSE
URL: http://statnetproject.org
Packaged: Sun Mar 16 10:52:32 2008; handcock
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